Tiny Face Makeup

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The video that was tweeted and linked to me to inspire this is by Jamie French amprom.info/down/kNuFfJShaLOgl5Y/video and per the comments section of her video I want to make sure I also credit the original poster in 2014 Anna Lingus pppJOeqsqnZ/?igshid=6zwc94wk72c6 and also Chrisspy with this Yoda transformation in 2015 amprom.info/down/fMafoJKckJOiz6c/video as well as Alexis Stone who has also used this technique many times thealexisstone?hl=en
I'm most definitely not trying to upset or miscredit anyone here so if there are any corrections to this information please let me know, I would never intentionally not credit someone for their idea so if it is missing please just leave a comment and I can add it to the description.
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  • Sean Ramos

    Sean Ramos

    Օր առաջ

    I miss Jenna Marbles, man.
    I'd get so excited about her new content "Every Wednesday/Thursday" Lol 🤘😁
    She's a good girl, Julian's a good girl too. Lol.

  • Punch Buttfacey

    Punch Buttfacey

    Օր առաջ

    Miss my YouTube mom :((

  • Averie Schaffer

    Averie Schaffer

    2 օր առաջ

    Still missing you babes :(

  • Laudine L

    Laudine L

    2 օր առաջ

    Jenna I love you and miss you so much I hope whatever you are doing you are happy ❤️🥺❤️

  • DLKeren


    2 օր առաջ

    I miss you!

  • •Just•Another•Phan•


    3 օր առաջ

    Ppl from 7 months are saying they miss her but IM STILL HERE AHHH

  • Bilgi önemli tv.

    Bilgi önemli tv.

    4 օր առաջ


  • Helen Bowers

    Helen Bowers

    6 օր առաջ

    I miss you! 💜

  • vampi


    6 օր առաջ

    i miss her so much

  • Blue Goddess

    Blue Goddess

    6 օր առաջ

    Hope you're having a great time at your basketball game.

  • Alyssa Schlenker

    Alyssa Schlenker

    6 օր առաջ

    Jenna was the reason i came to YouTube to begin with when I was in high-school and I've always had so much love for her. The apology video totally broke my heart to see her so emotional and I'm so sad to see her go. It def feels like I keep YouTube won't be the same. Hope what videos are left here stay up because they're absolutely a nostalgic comfort thing for me 💔

  • Macey Vaughan

    Macey Vaughan

    6 օր առաջ

    Love the weirdness

  • Lindon animation seris

    Lindon animation seris

    8 օր առաջ


  • YourDailySource


    8 օր առաջ

    She's pure wholesome-ness I just want to hug her 😭

  • Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme

    8 օր առաջ

    The guy is really cute.

  • Cam Shaw

    Cam Shaw

    8 օր առաջ

    Omg 😂😂the side view cracked me tf up!!! Come back Jenna!!!!!

  • lourry


    9 օր առաջ

    we miss you

  • Whitney Davis

    Whitney Davis

    9 օր առաջ

    I miss you so much. I hope you’re doing okay.

  • Rangel 420

    Rangel 420

    9 օր առաջ

    She looks like Megan McKenna

  • fish named goat

    fish named goat

    9 օր առաջ

    Watching 1 old video a week just pretending they are new

  • M. D.

    M. D.

    11 օր առաջ

    I miss her. She makes me laugh so hard and whenever I'm feeling down her videos would cheer me up. I wish she would come back. She was/is a light. Miss you Jenna❤️

  • TLC


    12 օր առաջ

    Omg...I died 😂😂😂💀

  • Taylor Cramsey

    Taylor Cramsey

    12 օր առաջ

    I miss her so much 😭

  • me the animal lover

    me the animal lover

    13 օր առաջ

    I want her back so so so badly 🥺

  • Kai Kai Hope

    Kai Kai Hope

    13 օր առաջ

    Pleaaaase come baaaack

  • Lousy Lionn

    Lousy Lionn

    14 օր առաջ

    Why is he so caked up tbh

  • Kait Banks

    Kait Banks

    15 օր առաջ

    Big fan of this video😂👌

  • Charity Delozier

    Charity Delozier

    16 օր առաջ

    This 30 year old lady misses this 30 year old lady putting up videos. Im so done with all the drama and ready for some funny shit. Dear jenna plz come back and bring your wonderful vibes back to my liffeee😭😭😭

  • Pan lifelord

    Pan lifelord

    16 օր առաջ

    YES, I have shoved liquid lip of nose :)

    • Pan lifelord

      Pan lifelord

      16 օր առաջ


  • Legend Brown

    Legend Brown

    16 օր առաջ

    Jenna not to be annoying but your videos give me Serotonin please come back soon 🥺

  • Hannah89


    18 օր առաջ

    Please go off veganism. It's beginning to show in your eyes :(

  • Anne Pickens

    Anne Pickens

    19 օր առաջ

    I miss u:(

  • autogirl53208


    19 օր առաջ

    its my strong hand lol

  • Dadada Duck

    Dadada Duck

    20 օր առաջ

    I should wear that too work with our mask

  • IamHollywood


    20 օր առաջ

    We miss you 😞 hope you're well.

  • missangel 006

    missangel 006

    20 օր առաջ

    🤣🤣🤣🤣that nose was a peepee

  • Gollum’s Lover

    Gollum’s Lover

    21 օր առաջ

    Respect for all just straight and narrow for us.

  • Emma Weeber

    Emma Weeber

    22 օր առաջ

    i miss you

  • Alice Mowat

    Alice Mowat

    22 օր առաջ

    There’s nothing I need more than a new video rn💔

  • Lia Shah

    Lia Shah

    22 օր առաջ

    Not even 20 seconds in I'm already LOLing for real 😂 Can't say this about any other creator. Oh Jenna, you're the best, I miss you so much and hope you're thriving! Love always!

  • قمر احمد

    قمر احمد

    23 օր առաջ


  • Luci The Sick

    Luci The Sick

    23 օր առաջ

    The rewatch value of her videos is *~Chef Kiss~* amazing

  • Hobo Joe

    Hobo Joe

    24 օր առաջ

    i miss u mom

  • Lauren L.

    Lauren L.

    25 օր առաջ

    I miss her.

  • AutumnFrost


    25 օր առաջ

    We love you Jenna. Hope you’re doing well ❤️

  • kerlan bienaime

    kerlan bienaime

    26 օր առաջ

    Lame but look's kinda funny cute and weird

  • Aditya Venkat

    Aditya Venkat

    26 օր առաջ

    I miss her so much 😭

  • Michelle Moore

    Michelle Moore

    26 օր առաջ


  • maddy


    27 օր առաջ

    no matter what, i always find myself coming back to see her even when she's gone

  • Ashley Lynn

    Ashley Lynn

    27 օր առաջ

    What happen to her?? Like where did she go?

    • A Daddy

      A Daddy

      22 օր առաջ

      She decided to apologize for doing racist things in the past (but did it well and it wasn’t because she was cancelled she just felt bad) and take a break until she feel comfortable, Julian has said that Jenna is ok mentally and physically

  • L͓̽e͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽ G͓̽o͓̽d͓̽

    L͓̽e͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽ G͓̽o͓̽d͓̽

    27 օր առաջ

    Ur the mix of my neighborhood crack head and stoner and I like that

  • Citrus Bird

    Citrus Bird

    28 օր առաջ

    Love and miss you 💕 having a bad day and you’re the only one that can pull me out of my depression.

  • paige Bassano

    paige Bassano

    Ամիս առաջ

    Hi I miss you I hope you’re doing well 💕💕

  • Xoxo Leidy J

    Xoxo Leidy J

    Ամիս առաջ

    Julien: “what that tiny mouth do?”

  • Alexis Morales

    Alexis Morales

    Ամիս առաջ

    at 2:06 when the camera focused on julian lol

  • J Will

    J Will

    Ամիս առաջ

    Miss her a lot, but at least Julien said she's doing good. She's timelessly funny.

  • Vamp


    Ամիս առաջ

    we need this woman for a good 2021

  • Devin Cohen

    Devin Cohen

    Ամիս առաջ

    Thank you for your content. I hope the world lets you appreciate the love and happiness you provided to this platform.

  • Lucy Cervantes

    Lucy Cervantes

    Ամիս առաջ

    Julen flirting... “You’re the opposite of ugly”

  • Ms Poetical

    Ms Poetical

    Ամիս առաջ

    I miss you sooo soo soo much Jenna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hera


    Ամիս առաջ

    She mastered the tiny face with huge eyes

  • ok


    Ամիս առաջ

    That's a nice ass bathroom. Is that what you can afford with youtube money? Dang

    • A Daddy

      A Daddy

      22 օր առաջ

      Yeah, ten years and 20 million subs gives you some good coin

  • Its Just Caitlynn

    Its Just Caitlynn

    Ամիս առաջ

    When jenna said "feels wrong looks wrong is wrong " I thought "maybelline" and then julian said it🤣
    Ayyee aries think alike😂

  • Mollie Saunders

    Mollie Saunders

    Ամիս առաջ

    Miss you jenna.

  • Виктор Ковешников

    Виктор Ковешников

    Ամիս առաջ

    Age is jealousless

  • Xxgacha voiletxX

    Xxgacha voiletxX

    Ամիս առաջ

    Literally no one:
    Me at 3 am:

  • Xxgacha voiletxX

    Xxgacha voiletxX

    Ամիս առաջ

    Julian: what dat tiny mouth do
    Jenna: *NO*
    Julian: I meant like, eat pop tarts, etc
    Jenna: 👁👄👁

  • The Fairytail

    The Fairytail

    Ամիս առաջ

    Real talk, these are the only videos that get me holler laughing. :(

  • Katja U

    Katja U

    Ամիս առաջ

    I miss you ❤️ hope you're doing well!

  • misshaleyann0121


    Ամիս առաջ

    It feels like you've been gone so much longer!!!! I am so so so miserable without you!

  • pinklou


    Ամիս առաջ

    miss u bby gurl

  • juskit Carol

    juskit Carol

    Ամիս առաջ

    I feel like Jenna is a friend, everytime I feel kinda sad or bored, I just re-watch her videos over and over again, to pretend she's a friend talking with me, with many dogs and one old toodler.
    Hope you are ok jenna., Playing Elders Scrolls and having cermets cries background sound.

  • toxicccream


    Ամիս առաջ

    I love how julien lights up when the camera focuses on him like "yEA beeCh iM hEre"

  • N J

    N J

    Ամիս առաջ

    We could really use you Jenna but I hope you’re doing okay. You deserve to be calm and happy

  • Mauricio Blandino

    Mauricio Blandino

    Ամիս առաջ

    I miss u so much

  • Natalie


    Ամիս առաջ

    She looks like a character from angry birds 😂😂

  • erica reyes

    erica reyes

    Ամիս առաջ

    i miss her so much...

  • Zach Dopson.

    Zach Dopson.

    Ամիս առաջ

    2021 needs jenna.

  • Erica Mowrey

    Erica Mowrey

    Ամիս առաջ

    This is so fuckin amazing lol!! The lips are everything 😂 missing your videos!!

  • nyanko


    Ամիս առաջ

    i miss u jenna!! i dont know if u even still check notifications or will see this if u do but we all miss and love u and hope you are happy

  • Cosmma -_-

    Cosmma -_-

    Ամիս առաջ

    Girl come back

    • Cosmma -_-

      Cosmma -_-

      Ամիս առաջ

      Only if it doesn’t damage you mental health

    • Cosmma -_-

      Cosmma -_-

      Ամիս առաջ

      We miss you so much😭😭😭 we miss me and your beautiful face come back please

  • lauranorwar


    Ամիս առաջ

    Jaime French is awesome!! Love her channel...I definitely recommend checking her out.

  • Molly Rahn

    Molly Rahn

    Ամիս առաջ


  • Bri Date

    Bri Date

    Ամիս առաջ

    Jenna I hope you are doing well and you are doing well you deserve the world but I respect your decision even if I am a little sad. Miss you guys love you beachhhhhh❤️

  • myettechase


    Ամիս առաջ

    love you queen

  • M J

    M J

    Ամիս առաջ

    *What that tiny mouth do*
    -J. Solomita

  • Katie Anderson

    Katie Anderson

    Ամիս առաջ

    6:50 oh no lol

  • Katie Anderson

    Katie Anderson

    Ամիս առաջ

    Me half way through and not even sure what is happening but it's entertaining

  • Daisy Nina

    Daisy Nina

    Ամիս առաջ

    Goosh I miss you so much! Imagine a lock down with you on YouTube!

  • Elizabeth Horner

    Elizabeth Horner

    Ամիս առաջ

    anyone else think she looks like sammi from jersey shore in the thumbnail😂

  • Eric Levesque

    Eric Levesque

    Ամիս առաջ

    I miss you Jenna

  • charlotta koleta

    charlotta koleta

    Ամիս առաջ


  • Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

    Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

    Ամիս առաջ

    as an artist this hurts

    • ジUuuuh I don't really know but I'm Lena so that?

      ジUuuuh I don't really know but I'm Lena so that?

      Ամիս առաջ

      As an artist nah it's funny to me

  • Myriane Delisle

    Myriane Delisle

    Ամիս առաջ

    i love you

  • Aeehhh_itss_ya_boii


    Ամիս առաջ

    You sound like my teacher but I don’t HATE YOU!😎

  • Taylor M

    Taylor M

    Ամիս առաջ

    Anyone else still going back and watching old videos? 🥺💗

  • Victoria Priest

    Victoria Priest

    Ամիս առաջ

    😑✋ : expressing my emotions healthily after breaking up with my boyfriend
    😏👏 : avoiding my emotions by watching Jenna to make me happy

  • Project_EG2


    Ամիս առաջ

    This is so funny 😂 especially the tiny hand hahahaha

  • Samantha Mills

    Samantha Mills

    Ամիս առաջ

    I’ve been watching Jenna for over 10 years now. The changes and growth I’ve seen is admirable.. you’ve helped me through the darkest times of my life, let us help you once again... I miss you Jenna 😭😭

  • Elisha Godfrey

    Elisha Godfrey

    2 ամիս առաջ

    Rewatched this about 500x for the Julian focus bit but I love you too jenna 🥰 and honestly never saw the tiny face😭 IM SORRY